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About Us

“KUNDAN CASH FOR GOLD” c/o “G2P Gold Traders Pvt. Ltd.” is one of the leading Gold trading Companies that provides highly qualitative, and cost-effective Gold exchange services and offers a wide range of creative solutions that are designed to meet specific urgent liquidity needs. The company is anchored by the most brilliant and trusted professionals in the precious metal industry which ensures you the highest price deal with a fair & transparent evaluation process that too in a legitimate manner.
We are a team of professionals and well-experienced gold experts who have a proven track record of evaluating and buying old gold, silver & diamond ornaments with maximum customer satisfaction. Our prime aim is to provide the optimum value to our esteemed customers using a fair & ethical, testing & calculation methodology.
This concept is growing rapidly and many gold buyers are emerging in the market, but you have to be cautious and smart enough to gauge the most genuine and reliable option available. The simplest way to judge a perfect gold buyer is to compare the amount you take home for the valuables you sell is how much justified and competitive. We don’t boast ourselves as the highest value payers like other competitors do, you may just come and get it verified yourself and make your decision wisely without any obligation or pressure to sell the valuables.
Below given are the few frequently asked questions which may help you to make a smart choice:-

Q1. How is Valuation done and how much time it takes?

The gold content is assessed at the outset by identifying the BIS Hallmark, or other certain stamps marked on your jewellery that indicates what the gold content is. For example, 24 karat gold has the highest gold content and 9 karat has the lowest. If we cannot find a mark, we will test your gold to find out the gold content, and pay you accordingly. Markings that you may encounter include 22/20, 22CT, KDM, 750, 916 or 99.99 (100% gold) and any karat in between. Touch stone and Acid test are the procedures we follow. A basic test can take 2-3 minutes per article.

Q2. What is the procedure of valuation?

It is very simple and includes three main steps:
1. Weight of each item is measured by an electronic weighing scale (calibrated by Weights & Measurement Dept.). Also the weight of Stones, beads, enamel, wax, dust, etc. would be assessed, if present in any item.
2. The purity of every item is assessed by the touch stone & acid test which is forever trustworthy and reliable gold testing method. This historical testing process is still considered to be the most genuine & non-manipulated methodology.
3. Once the purity is ascertained by our gold expert, the amount is calculated on the basis of purity, weight and the live rate of the bullion market. The final amount can be received through CASH/CHEQUE/RTGS/IMPS as per the banking guidelines & regulations.

Q3. Will my ornaments get ruined due to Testing?

NO your ornaments will not get ruined, damaged or distorted in any manner during the testing process. If it contains any stones or removable contents, they will be detached only after your consent.

Q4. What are the documents required for selling gold ornaments?

As being a ‘Private Limited’ organization, we comply with all GOVT.OF INDIA legislation and regulations that relate to buying and selling of precious metals. As such, we are required to perform an identity check on everyone who intend to sell us any item. We are not able to buy from minors, aged less than 18 years of age. You must produce ORIGINAL 1 Photo ID & 1 Address proof out of the following documents i.e. Aadhar card, Driving license, Passport, Voter card, Work ID, Purchase Bill, any valid Govt. organization ID, Property Sale Deed, Rental Agreement, etc.

Q5. I am not a resident of DELHI/NCR, can I sell ornaments & what are the documents required?

YES you can, by providing 1 Photo ID & 1 (local) Address & 1 (Native) Address proof.

Q6. Once sold, can I buy back my ornaments later?

No, we would not be able to return or refund the purchased items as it is sent for refining and recycling process on the same day. So please make a wise and final decision before you sell anything.

Q7. How does KUNDAN protects clients’ personal details?

We at ‘Kundan Cash For Gold’, sincerely respect the privacy of our customers’ personal information, and comply with all the privacy legislation norms. We do not ever use or share your personal information for any purpose other than the one for which you had provided it. Your ID proof’s Xerox copy would be done at our branch only in your presence and it would be duly signed by you along with the description & specifications of the concerned deal.